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Shalom and welcome to CCTG Ministries! We are glad you found us and believe it's no accident you are here. This site is full of thoughts and actions for you to ponder, guide, and implement in the course of your life to come closer to God (CCTG). No matter your relationship to God at this very moment, we hope you bookmark this site and explore it on a regular basis to learn more about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Church.

Thought of the Week

Jesus and Barabbas

0902. Rooting For Barabbas

April 2, 2023

Following a last Passover supper with his disciples, Jesus led them to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he would be arrested by Jewish religious leaders. […]

Field Of Flowers

0214. The Beauty Of Life Itself

March 26, 2023

In our culture today, beauty sells. We are bombarded with advertisements featuring beautiful spokespeople and celebrities. The houses are upscale, the cars are sleek and […]

Treasure Chest

0110. Searching For Treasure

March 19, 2023

The term “treasure hunt” conjures up all sorts of imagery, from swashbuckling pirates to wooden chests filled with pieces of gold and jewels. The players […]

Holding The Door

0213. Common Courtesy

March 12, 2023

You see it now everyday. Parents double-parked and blocking the street waiting for their children outside of school. Drivers not allowing other cars to merge […]


Faith Over Fear

0102. Faith Over Fear

By Darrick Hom | February 7, 2023

In our previous article, we defined God as being love. However, we are only halfway done in understanding our relationship with God. The next task […]

God is Love

0101. God is Love

By Darrick Hom | December 26, 2022

Introduction of Our Relationship with God In any relationship, we need to identify the parties involved first. Therefore, we need to define both God and […]

In The Beginning

0006. Start of Something God

By Darrick Hom | September 4, 2022

Shalom (שלום), or peace and hello as they say in Hebrew! Welcome to the beginning of CCTG Ministries, a newly created micro ministry. New beginnings […]

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