0007. Purpose of Life

My first blog article was about the reason for me creating this website; in other words, its purpose. The definition of purpose is: the reason for which something exists. The Hebrew word for purpose is matara (מטרה). It is in our culture today that the meaning in life seems to be centered around actions and words. However, there seems to be little focus on the purpose in life. Many people are feeling lost or just overwhelmed in their lives. Suicide rates are rising, especially among young adults. In other words, life seems to have lost its sense of purpose. So my first questions to you are: How do you find your purpose in life? Why do you get up every morning? What keeps you motivated? Do most actions you perform have a true purpose? It’s okay if you don’t have answers at this moment. Hopefully it will make you pause and help you find meaning in all of the routines you have in your life. Ponder that this week.

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